7209 Ann Richards Road Mission, Texas 78572

PD (956) 323-2040, Fax (956) 580-7095


Mission Statement  

The mission of the La Joya ISD Police Department is to protect the safety, and welfare of all students, district personnel, and the district’s property within carefully prescribed policy, ethical, statutory, and constitutional restrictions.

The department’s boundries extend from the west side of Inspiration Rd. West to the Hidalgo/Starr County line. From the Rio Grande River north to the fourteen mile line this encompasses more than 226 square miles.




Major Responsibilities

· To ensure a safe and secure environment for teaching and learning.

· Patrol

· Investigations

· Monitoring of surveillance cameras & alarm systems.

· Random K-9 searches at all district campuses.

· Respond to emergencies

· Assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

· Assure that every student will achieve their full academic potential, and that every person has a right to a safe school.

· Deter criminal acts, and violence through a proactive approach. 

· Enforce all state laws within the jurisdiction of the La Joya Independent School  District.




La Joya ISD Police Department Programs

  K-9 Program (3 K9 Police Officers)
     The La Joya ISD Police Department has three k-9 drug sniffing police dogs that patrol our district searching for illegal drugs within our schools. They are trained to track and find most illegal drugs found in our community. While on patrol k9 police officers also do presentations along with their k-9 companion teaching students to stay away from drugs.

  First Offender Program

       The First Offender Program was founded upon an idea that we, as a community, can better serve our troubled youth through education, guidance, and information. This 6 week program offers at-risk individuals an opportunity to experience a unique educational environment which will positively impact them and their families for the rest of their lives.

  • For children between the ages of 10-16 years old.
  • Consists of a six week program that allows First Time Offenders who have committed a Class A, or B Misdemeanor offense, or a state jail felony (with exception of assault and/or weapons charges) to be considered eligible to participate in this program.
  • The program is completely voluntary; there is no obligation to participate.
  • The student and their parent and/or legal guardian are required to attend two hour classes; held at The La Joya ISD Police Department training room on 6 consecutive Saturdays.
  • Other prerequisites will have to be met and may include but are not limited to: community service, restitution to the victim (if necessary), educational, and vocational training, counseling or other rehabilitative services, a 90 day probation period, and periodic reporting and check-ins with the La Joya ISD Police Department.
  • Upon successful completion of this program, students participating in this opportunistic six week trial will have their first time criminal offense permanently cleared by the La Joya ISD Police Department.



  "Book 'Em Cops and Kids Literacy Campaign"
     Police Officers take time during their busy day to read a book to elementary and head start schools around our community to encourage reading in our schools and at home.


  Police Explorer Post 

       About the Program
The La Joya I.S.D Police Department’s Explorer Post 1210 is sponsored by the Boys Scouts of America. It is open for high school students about the age of 14 to 21 years of age. The coordinator teaches the explorers about law enforcement work and duties to get hands on experience on a future career. The program has a voluntary board of four adults to vote and coordinate the program's direction along with a coordinator. Explorers also participate in community events and school events along with helping the La Joya ISD Police Department. For more information on the program contact the Coordinator Officer Luis Salinas at 956-323-2040.

  •      The program is geared to provide the student with a working knowledge of police procedures.
  •      Students are instructed in crime scene investigation, traffic control, penal code, building clearance, and all other aspects of law enforcement.
  •      Explorers are also involved with community activities, and volunteer their time within the school district and the community.
  •      The program relies strictly on fund raisers, and donations.
  •      All monies are used to equip the explorers with the necessary equipment.




  Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program
       The Eddie Eagle is a program that teaches a simple important message to our students. If they see a gun they should stop, don’t touch, leave the area, and tell an adult. This is done through workbooks, & a short DVD presentation. This program can be presented at any elementary in our district. Any campus wishing to have us present can contact us at 956-323-2040.




McGruff Crime Dog

La Joya ISD Police Department uses the McGruff costume to inform and educate the community and students in our district the dangers of drugs and keeping away from drugs. For more information on the McGruff the Crime Dog visit: www.mcgruff-safe-kids.com





Operation: Beards for Blue Santa

November & December of 2018 was the 1st Annual Beards for Blue Santa where officers within the La Joya ISD Police Department voluntarily participated in the program to raise money for three need families in our community. Officers who wished to participate would pay $25 per month to grow their beards and for female officers be allowed to have a low hair bun while on duty. All monies collected were used to buy clothes, food, or toys for the families in need. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES







For any presentations for school functions or community functions send information email to : J.Chapa5@lajoyaisd.net

Presentation request should have the following information:      Date/Time

                                                                                                                   Officer or K9 Officer Presentation request

                                                                                                                   Power point presentation or a speech presentation

                                                                                                                   How many students or staff involved